5 Best Heat Pump Reviews

heat pumpsEveryone needs to live comfortably in their home. They need to feel the best atmosphere inside their home when the days are so hot and so cold. Therefore, heat pump is needed. Thanks to its excellent design to make life better. However, it is a bit difficult to find the best heat pump for your home. There are several things to consider. You need to understand well what heat pump is and how it works. Then, you will find there are some types of heat pump that you need to select. Find the most appropriate device, of course based on your budget, so that you get the maximum benefits.

What is heat pump ? Heat pump is a special device that run electronically and used to maintain the best atmosphere in certain room. It has a unique way to work because it does not produce heat or cold, but it extracts heat from certain place as the source and then move the heat to the other place as the target place. It is not a new system actually because this device has already been used around the world for some decades. In the hot summer, it helps you transfer the hot air from your house outside, while in the cold winter, it takes hot air from outside into your house.

Type of Heat Pumps

Based on the heat source, there are 4 Type of Heat Pump, i.e. air source, ground source, groundwater source, and bedrock source. Air source heat pumps collect the energy from surrounding air using a special air module that can be installed up to 30 meters from your house. If you have large plot surrounding your home, you can install the ground source heat pump that collect the stored solar energy beneath the ground. If it is easy to find groundwater, you can take the groundwater heat pump that collects the energy from the water. There is also solar energy stored in bedrock and it can be beneficial if you install bedrock source heat pump.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps

There are some benefits that you can take whichever the type of heat pump you want. First, you can compare those types and find the most beneficial because each type has some superiority. For example, the air source that requires lower investment cost because there is no need of digging. You can also take the groundwater source for all year round service or ground source for the similar benefit of all year service if you don’t find groundwater.

In a whole there are some heat pump advantages. First, it lowers the fuel consumption because it is efficient enough in using, not producing, the energy. Then, it is the newest technology that you need to invest in because it also increases the value of your home. This system promises better heating system to serve you and family with maximum comfort. Even in the summer, it can serve you with cool atmosphere. Life expectancy is important and this system is proven to life longer than other heating systems. This system also offers better overall improved performance so that it is the best refrigerant to take and to install. The most important advantage is about your peace of mind and the environmentally friendly device.

Choosing the Best Heat Pump Guide

All we discuss above are some things that you need to take into account, such as the type and price of heat pump. However, they are not enough because there are also some other considerations to take to find the best heat pump. First, you need to consider your location. You may need hybrid system for your heat pump, such as geothermal heat pump, if you live in area with very challenging winter. But if you live in warm climate area, adequate air source system is a good choice to save money. Then, who installs your heat pump is another very important consideration.

Then, in selecting the best heat pump, you need to make sure that one device you buy has the following features. You should check the efficiency ratings that should be 13 SEER and 7.7 HSPF or the better one. Then, make sure that your heat pump is R-410A compatible. It is eco-friendly and more recommended than those with Freon or R-22 refrigerants. To make you live conveniently, consider also the noise. Avoid heat pumps with loud noise. Finally, consider also the warranty. At least, you should have 3 year warranty or more for all the parts because heat pump is not a cheap investment.

Heat Pump Prices

Of course, you will find the best heat pump based on your own budget. Thus, it is important to see the heat pump prices. However, the prices varies based on the installation and depend on the type of heat pump you want to take. If you want to take a small window system, you may pay for about $500 to $700. There is also another system, a huge central system, costing about $2,000. In addition, the price also varies based on the brands. The same system with different brands will lead to different prices. The top heat pumps cost between $2,700 and $3,000.

Top 5 Best Heat Pump Brands Reviews

1. Trane Heat Pumps Reviews

Trane Heat PumpsIf you live in Southern states, you can consider Trane Heat Pumps. The manufacturer guarantees reliable and efficient device to work for you. The devices are designed to serve you with perfect warm and cool environment in your home. It is because the devices smartly collect the heat from ground and air outside the house and converts them to present heat inside your home. This must be perfect during the winter time. Additionally, the devices also transfer the heat from inside your home to outside to keep the home temperature cool during the summer time.

There are several reasons to take Trane Heat Pumps as your best option. First, the manufacturer offers you all aluminum Spin Fin outdoor coil for better efficiency and resistance. It is also agreed by the SEER rating. Trane also offers some special features, including the Trane CleanEffects that provides you with perfect filtration system.

2. Goodman Heat Pumps Reviews

Goodman Heat PumpsIf you are looking for the premium heat pumps, you better refer to what Goodman offers. In fact, Goodman Heat Pumps are regarded as the devices with premium quality. They give excellent service both to heat and to cool your homes while still maintaining low energy bills. Additionally, there are some more benefits that you can take from heat pumps manufactured by Goodman. They are popular for their single unit device to heat and warm you home.

Goodman provides you with wide range of products with different SEER rating. For the perfect performance, you can take the DSZC18 with 18 SEER and 9.5 HSPF ratings, but for the affordable one, you can take the GSZ14 with 15 SEER and 9.0 HSPF ratings. In addition to those benefits, there are some advanced features that you can get only from Goodman’s products, such as 2 stage Ultratech Compressor, R410A refrigerant, wire fan discharge grille, filter dryer, condenser fan motor, 10 year warranty (parts), lifetime warranty (compressor), 10 year unit replacement compressor.

3. Carrier Heat Pumps Reviews

Carrier Heat PumpsCarrier Heat Pumps offer you smart alternatives to air conditioner. There are some benefits to take, such as cooling, heating and dehumidifying. It is a complete function that the manufacturer offers with their products. The heat pumps provide you with cool temperature during the summer season. With this device, you will have better days within this hot season. Better moments with your family during the cold winter are also supported by this heat pump device from Carrier. The temperature goes warm and it is perfect for winter. To keep the health environment, the devices are completed with the excellent ability in dehumidifying your home.

It is also important to see that Carrier Heat Pumps also offer you with the hybrid system of heat pump. If you live in a very cold environment, hybrid system is needed. Carrier provides you with smart combination of electric heat pumps and gas- or oil-fueled furnace.

4. York Heat Pumps Reviews

York Heat PumpsThanks to their smart solution of higher efficiency and very silent operation heat pumps. York Heat Pumps deserves your attentions because the manufacturers guarantee you with better comfort, energy efficiency and built-in protections & safeties. Premium split system technology becomes one of the most eye-catching features of heat pumps from York. They feature advanced compressor design, QuietDrive Sound Reduction system, and temperature control. They try to make sure that you have the best comfort and convenience with their heat pumps.

In addition, the manufacture also gives enough attentions to the energy efficiency. Compared to other standard heat pumps, York Heat Pumps have better innovation with Affinity Wi-Fi Residential Communicating Control. This special features support you with great control, energy saving and efficiency so that they deserve 18 SEER and 10.0 HSPF ratings. About the protection and safety, the manufacturer completes the products with lubricated fan motor bearings, more durable finish and demand defrost.

5. Lennox Heat Pumps Reviews

Lennox Heat PumpsThere are some reasons why you need to pick Lennox Heat Pumps. The manufacturer guarantees the smartest solution especially for the milder climates. They provide you with the energy efficient comfort all the year. With their Lennox Precise Comfort technology, you can easily set the temperature as you want. Thanks to the SunSource technology that enables the heat pumps reduce the costs of your heating and cooling, moreover when it is combined with iComfort S30 thermostat. For the best savings, you can have the hybrid system with the combination between heat pumps and furnace from Lennox. Finally, the SilentComfort technology completes you with great convenience.