3 Best Bryant Heat Pumps with Some Special Advanced Features

One reason that makes heat pumps so popular among households around the world is their flexibility in maintaining the best atmosphere all the year, even during the coldest winter and hottest summer. Different from the air conditioners that only work to cool down the heat during the hot days, heat pumps also work to give warmth during the hot days. There are plenty of manufacturers and talking about high performance that is balanced with high efficiency, you need to refer to one of the best manufacturers, Bryant. Then, it is the time for you to look for some best Bryant heat pump products and find the most appropriate one.

Advantages of Bryant Heat Pump

Bryant heat pump comes with a bold character that differentiates this product from the other products manufactured by some other companies. Of course, this special character offers the customers with some numbers of advantages. Before you see the advantages to take, you need to firstly see that the heat pumps from Bryant are classified into 3 major product lines. They are Evolution, Preferred and Legacy. Each model comes with special features and benefits.

The Evolution model was the 2012 Consumer Digest Best Buy. This success was because of the high efficiency that the product offers. It is also shown with the HSPF rating, 13, that is very good. In addition, it is also completed with humidity control for healthier environment and variable compressor speed for more comfort. Even this product can work for outdoor area. The Bryant heat pump Preferred model has a perfect combination of performance and efficiency. The special thing of this product is its design that also improves the aesthetic look of the home where it is installed. It also features double compressors to meet your need of better performance. The last model, Legacy, is the most affordable model. However, it has good enough performance and energy efficiency.

Top 3 Bryant Heat Pump Reviews

1. Bryant 280A Heat Pump

Bryant 280A heat pumpWith the SEER rating, 20.5 and EER rating 16, the Bryant 280A promises you with excellent cool for the summer comfort. In addition, it is also rated 13 by HSPF that means you will get excellent heat during the cold winter. Healthy environment is supported by the optimal dehumidification. In fact, Bryant equips this device with the Evolution Connex control. For better energy savings and temperature management, this heat pump is also equipped with true variable speed operation with lower and longer speed cycles. When the device works in cooling mode, it has the quiet operation down to 58 dB, while in heating mode, it is in 62 dB.

There are some other features of Bryant 280A that make you sure enough to have this device. They are the senses operating conditions that support the system reliability. Additionally, zoned systems for excellent performance, excellent refrigerant (non-ozone depleting Puron), sheet metal construction with outer paint coverage, louvered cabinet and 10 year warranty on parts.

2. Bryant 289B Heat Pump

Bryant 289B heat pumpThe performance of Bryant 289B is not good as the 280A. However, it is still considerable with plenty of features that it has. It is simply shown by the ratings. The SEER rating shows that this device is good to provide cooling system. It is rated 19 (SEER) and 13.7 (EER). Additionally, how the devices will serve you during winter time is shown by the HSPF rating, 10. Those rating are good enough and some people may think that it is enough to see them.

However, if you want some more detail features, you need to know that this heat pump from Bryant has two-stage operation that offers you consistent comfort. It also enhances your healthy environment with the summer dehumidification system. You deserve the quiet sound, Wi-Fi remote access, AeroQuiet System, DuraGuard Plus for the protection, environmentally sound Puron refrigerant. Don’t forget the 10 years warranty on the parts.

3. Bryant 288BNV Heat Pump

Bryant 288BNV Heat PumpAlthough Bryant 288BNV has lower SEER rating (18) and EER rating (12.5) than the 289B, it has higher HSPF rating (11). This means that this device may have lower performance during winter, but it gives better service during summer. Evolution Connex supports the most optimal dehumidification. It works with 5 stages of the variable speed operation for better temperature management and energy savings. Some other features include the quiet operation, soft start, smooth ramp up, senses operating conditions, zoned systems, non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant, sheet metal construction, outer paint coverage, louvered cabinet for coil protection and 10 years warranty on parts.