3 Best Carrier Heat Pump Reviews with High Rate of Efficiency

Over 100 years, Carrier has been serving their customers with their wide variety of the heat pump products. There were some innovative approaches that they apply to give the customers best experience of both cooling and heating home. Another more important thing is that they are always trying to reduce the carbon footprint to create the most energy efficient products. There are 3 series of their products, such as Infinity, Performance and Comfort. Infinity model is one of the best carrier heat pump options that you can refer to. Here, we want to share 3 Infinity products that are recommended for you.

Advantages of Best Carrier Heat Pump

Before taking a look at those products, it is important to firstly find the best reason of taking heat pump from Carrier. There are some advantages of carrier heat pump that you are likely to enjoy. They are about the products efficiency, size and stages. As previously mentioned, the manufacturer always tries their best to produce some devices that are friendly for the users and also the environment. Therefore, they provide some products that require less energy. This offers you reduced household bills, especially for the cooling and heating system. Not only do they provide this satisfying efficiency, but they also guarantee more comforts with the quiet devices and more saved money with high durable devices. Just make sure that they are maintained properly.

In relation to the size of carrier heat pump, the manufacturer gives the devices the right design and size. They understand that too big devices will not space savvy and may waste more money, while too small devices can make them too hot when working. Thus, the compact design and size of their products give you more benefits. In addition, the heat pumps from Carrier are designed with wide variety of single and double stage motors. This is a good way to directly meet the customers’ needs.

Top 3 Carrier Heat Pump Reviews

1. Carrier Infinity 20

Carrier infinity 20 heat pumpThe first thing that impresses our attention to Carrier infinity 20 is its design. The compact design makes it suitable for small living. However, small size does not mean that it can guarantee excellent work. In fact, this device is designed for the living area with dramatic weather changes. It can work for both very cold winter and very hot summer. This makes a perfect living atmosphere all the year around efficiently. Its efficiency is supported by the adaptable speed technology that consists of ENERGY STAR feature, optimal summer dehumidification and variable speed compressor. These features complete the device to perform its best.

The cooling efficiency is proven by the SEER rating that shows Carrier infinity 20 get up to 20.5 rating. It is a good rating and another good impression for you who are looking for the very efficient product. In addition, it is also supported by the HSPF rating that is up to 13.0. Those values present that this device is a very good cooling and heating device. It costs starting from $3.449.

2. Carrier Infinity 19

Carrier infinity 19 heat pumpFor the second option, you can refer to the Carrier infinity 19. It is a good choice for you who are looking for more affordable products with reasonable performance. It costs less than the Infinity 20. With only $2.679 or above, you deserve a device with good SEER and HSPF rating. The efficiency is shown with the up to 19 SEER rating and up to 10 HSPF rating. It is a very good cooling efficiency but a bit poor heating efficiency. However, this device is lucky enough to be equipped with ENERGY STAR, superior summer dehumidification, and two-stage compressor.

There are also some other features that support this device, such as the energy-smart Hybrid Heat system. If you are living in the area with extreme climate changes, you better take the hybrid system with the addition of infinity furnace. Carrier infinity 19 also features infinity control and excellent feature working for better energy savings & convenient system management.

3. Carrier Infinity 16

Carrier infinity 16 Heat PumpWithin these 3 options, this last option, Carrier Infinity 16, is the cheapest one. It costs starting from $1,639. It is very interesting because with this affordable price, you can still have a device with ENERGY STAR level. In addition, it is also supported with WeatherShield protection for better durability and superior summer dehumidification for healthier environment. However, the SEER and HSPF ratings are not so impressive, with 17.5 and 9.5 respectively. However, it becomes considerable with the 10 year parts warranty and 5 year coastal corrosion parts. Additionally, to make sure you have excellent comfort with quiet work, the manufacturer completes this device with 2 stage compressor system.