Best Amana Heat Pump Reviews with Great Simplicity and Functionality

Who does not need warmth in the winter and freshness in the summer? Many people have ended their relationship with air cooling products. Although some of them are still making use of air conditioner, it would actually become more efficient if they move to heat pump. In fact, there are several numbers of manufacturers and lots of heat pump products on the market. The best of them are those who offer functionality and simplicity. In this modern time, those two factors are important because they will attract more customers. Thanks to Amana to apply those aspects to their best Amana heat pump products.

Advantages of Amana Heat Pump

There are several more reasons why you need to pick Amana heat pump. In addition to their functionality and simplicity, the products also promise high durability. 20 to 25 years lifespan is surprising enough and this can be a good reason to take Amana product to your home. In addition, they also promise more efficient energy use. Thanks to Goodman that gives Amana license to runs their production. From the first operation in 1934 till now, there is some learning that the manufacturer takes so that they now provide some best products. The products are available from the simplest one to the most advanced one. The wider range, the more easily they can meet the consumers’ needs.

Those ranges offer wide range of price. Therefore, the more affordable products of Amana can attract the customers with low economy level. At the same time, they don’t neglect the customers with higher economy level by providing some other products with more sophisticated features. Optimal comfort is offered by Amana heat pump because it also features blanketed compressor for quieter sound. The best refrigerant, protection and warranty complete the reasons why you need to take this product. For more detail advantages, let us discuss on the following product reviews.

Top 3 Amana Heat Pump Reviews

1. Amana ASZC18 Heat Pump

Amana ASZC18 heat pumpThis product, Amana ASZC18, is rated 18 in SEER and 9.5 in HSPF. This means that you can combine both year round comfort and year round savings. There are two main features that complete this product. They are Copeland 2 Stage Ultratech scroll compressor and ComfortNet Communications Systems that offers you with easy to use touchscreen LCD display. There are some advantages that you can take from this device. With the Copeland ComfortAlert, you can monitor the performance of the device with remote.

Additionally, you need to also take some benefits from the warranty that the Amana ASZC18 offers. This system is covered by the lifetime warranty on the unit replacement for the compressor. This means that you deserve new compressor when the current compressor fails to work. Besides, 10 year warranty is also available on the parts. The heating and cooling efficiency and the advanced humidity and temperature control make this product become one of the best devices to consider.

2. Amana ASZ16 Heat Pump

Amana ASZ16 heat pumpDifferent from the previous device, the Amana ASZ16 has lower SEER and HSPF rating. Although it has only 16 from SEER and 9 from HSPF, it is equipped with some advanced features to make it is worth some appreciations. The Efficient Cooling Capacity is good news of this product, but it is not the only one. The Quiet Condenser Fan Motor promises you with quiet operation. Just like the previous product, it is also equipped with Copeland ComfortAlert that enables you monitor its performance. Once something wrong happens to your device, you can be easily notified and can immediately take an action to make it works well.

The product warranty of Amana ASZ16 is the same as one for ASZC18, i.e. lifetime unit replacement and 10 years warranty on parts. There are some other advantages that you can still expect from, such as the SmartShift Technology, factory installed inline filter drier and factory installed heater band & suction line accumulator.

3. Amana ASZ14 Heat Pump

Amana ASZ14 Heat PumpProduct with 15 SEER rating and 9 HSPF rating is good enough for those who are looking for more affordable device. This means that Amana ASZ14 is a good option to take. Thanks to the Quiet Condenser Fan Motor and the Efficient Cooling Capacity. There are some similar features that it gets as the previous products, such as the SmartShift Technology, Factory Installed Inline Filter Drier and Factory Installed Heater Band & Suction Line Accumulator. However, with this product you may only get 5 years warranty on parts, unless you register online warranty. You can ask for detail description from the dealer near you.