Best Trane Heat Pump Reviews with 3 Most Recommended Products

Trane Company has been working for more than 100 years in providing innovative and reliable heat pumps to meet their customers’ needs. To companies always make some developments towards their products and make sure that their products can give the most beneficial advantages to the customers. Their products are classified into three models. The Trane’s top-end models include the XV20i, XL20i and XV18; the mid-range models include XR15, XR17, XL15i and XL18i; and the low-end range includes XB13, XB14, XR13, and XR14. However, for the best Trane heat pump, we have 3 recommendations, i.e. Trane XL15i, Trane XV20i, and Trane XL16i.

Advantages of Trane Heat Pump

There are so many advantages that you can probably take from Trane heat pump. They work as well as air conditioner during the hot days. They can transfer the hot atmosphere inside the house to outside so that the indoor temperature is cool enough to do some activities. You can observe the room that you and family mostly use and install the heat pump to give some benefits to that room. You do not need to install some numbers of heat pumps to work for some rooms in your home.

During the cold winter, the Trane heat pump will serve you with an excellent warm temperature. The system works to collect the heat from the outside temperature and transfer it to your home. Their packaged system enables you to have comfortable atmosphere in your home all year round. They work for both commercial and residential purpose and thanks to their excellent efficiency, especially for the top end models. Additionally, the quiet sound that the system offers will complete your comfort. It is important because quiet refers to the quality of heat pump. The quieter is the better. Finally, it is also important to see that most of the heat pumps are offered up to 12 years warranty on the compressor.

Top 3 Trane Heat Pump Reviews

1. Trane XL15i Heat Pump

Trane XL15i Heat PumpAs previously mentioned, there are several numbers of products offered by Trane Company. The first recommended product is the Trane XL15i. This product is categorized as a single stage heat pump. There are many people love to have this type of heat pump. As the other single stage heat pumps, this product requires less power, but provides more function. This will work well for your home. With the excellent construction that is tough enough, the product guarantees better durability. Then, with the best design, they are easy to install.

Because Trane XL15i applies single stages system, it is not recommended for you who live in an area with dramatic temperature difference. Single stage has only one setting for both heating and cooling. It works with the air at one speed. It takes longer time to work if it is installed in an area with extreme temperature differences. However, it saves money when it is installed in area with little temperature change all the year.

2. Trane XV20i Heat Pump

Trane XV20i Heat PumpFor more efficient work, the Trane XV20i can be a great choice to take. It has variable speed system so that it works faster in heating and cooling your home. In addition, this product also guarantees you with comfortable and clean environment. There are some benefits to take from this product. The special Trane TruComfort systems ensure that you get the precise comfort. It is rated by SEER 20.00 and HSPF 10 and this simply shows that it is a very efficient device. To support the optimal performance, this device features ComfortLink II communicating technology.

Durability always becomes another important consideration. Trane XV20i not only offers you with excellent durability, it also provides you with high economical system to work in your home with very quiet run. Healthy is the most important stuff to consider. The Trane CleanEffects ensure you have healthier indoor air with eliminated irritants, such as pollen and dust.

3. Trane XL16i Heat Pump

Trane XL16i Heat PumpIf you are looking for more affordable product from Trane, the Trane XL16i can be the right solution. It offers you with satisfying hard works and efficient cooling and heating. The SEER rating is only 17.00 while the HSPF rating is 9.60, but it is an interesting choice for your home comfort with energy efficient service. It is also durable enough and with its high efficiency, it lowers down your home heating and cooling costs. This product is also equipped with the Trane CleanEffects so that you will have healthier and cleaner environment. This excellent air filtration removes all the irritants.